• Question: what is your biggest project

    Asked by gingerbread man to Clare, Rhys on 5 Mar 2018. This question was also asked by YourVeryOwnVicor.
    • Photo: Clare Causier

      Clare Causier answered on 5 Mar 2018:

      I work with some physically large stuff. The blades I look after are 75m long – that’s longer than the wingspan of an Airbus 380 aeroplane.

      But that’s not normally what you mean when you talk about the size of projects.

      Here’s a nice information leaflet about a big project I’ve had a small part in:

      Here’s a video of a test R&D turbine that I was involved with in Scotland being built four years ago:

      I’m still working on the blades on both these projects. But that’s only a very small part of all the work that is going into keeping these wind turbines generating electricity for the grid and ultimately homes like yours.