Asked by deaconm to Josh, Rhys, Vix, Demi, Andrew, Clare on 4 Mar 2018. This question was also asked by Irfan19, Missy:)x, Alex, Anna, IonaJ5, S J G and Kale, T raife, Brogan :0, Lew, Imaantheimam, Amreen123, Gopika, Abigail E, JH, Sophie, Liz, Amani, S M.
    • Photo: Joshua Schofield

      Joshua Schofield answered on 4 Mar 2018:

      Quite a few things, I always loved engineering/DT at school purely because it was so different from other classroom based subjects. It gives you the opportunity to be practical and creative but in a completely different way to other school areas.

      One particular project that did really inspire me (still ongoing), the Bloodhohund SSC. A group of engineers are attempting to smash the land speed record by making a car that can travel at 1000 mph! Its got F1, jet and rocket engines to get it up to speed (estimated launch is 2019)! I was lucky enough to learn plenty about this during my school years, so it was impossible not to be inspired by the technology and goals.

    • Photo: Rhys Edwards

      Rhys Edwards answered on 5 Mar 2018:

      Reading about Isambard Kingdom Brunnel when I was a child – He designed and built so many different things including railways, trains, tunnels & bridges.

    • Photo: Victoria Herbert

      Victoria Herbert answered on 5 Mar 2018:

      I’ve always liked making things, fixing things and working out how things worked. When I was younger I got to work with some electricians on the London underground for a few months which got me interested in electrics and I then went on to apply for an Apprenticeship.

    • Photo: Demi Ademuyewo

      Demi Ademuyewo answered on 5 Mar 2018:

      I went to a Skoda factory and saw how cars were manufactured. It was a turning point for me. I knew then I wanted to study engineering.

    • Photo: Andrew Constantine

      Andrew Constantine answered on 9 Mar 2018:

      Two things:

      The opportunity to work in dam and reservoir engineering, which is both interesting and challenging.

      The opportunity to have a career which may inspire my children and show them the value of education and working hard.