• Question: How much do you love technology?

    Asked by Amreen123 to Vix, Demi, Clare, Andrew on 12 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Demi Ademuyewo

      Demi Ademuyewo answered on 12 Mar 2018:

      I am growing to love and understand it everyday. When I was at school I was impressed and fascinated with it. As i get older I see the risks that technology has but the good it brings outweighs the cons so I am a big fan of it.

    • Photo: Andrew Constantine

      Andrew Constantine answered on 13 Mar 2018:

      I enjoy using technology, but find some modern applications complicated.

    • Photo: Victoria Herbert

      Victoria Herbert answered on 13 Mar 2018:

      I think technology is great. I love having the internet and think the new inventions such as driverless cars and new medical equipment are very interesting to learn about. Around a year ago I saw an experiment where two robots printed a 3D bridge across a canal, I thought that was pretty cool too!

    • Photo: Clare Causier

      Clare Causier answered on 14 Mar 2018:

      I’m not a techno-geek with the latest consumer tech like phones, ipads and sports watches. But I do love the way that technology helps to improve life for normal people, whether that’s through infrastructure that means I can travel from Newcastle to London in less than 3 hours by train and I can book it last minute or whether its the design of prosthetic limbs to help people walk. Technology can do amazing things. And we can choose which parts of it are useful to us.