• Question: Do you have anyone that supports you when you are doing your jobs?

    Asked by S M to Andrew, Clare, Demi, Josh, Rhys, Vix on 13 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Demi Ademuyewo

      Demi Ademuyewo answered on 13 Mar 2018:

      Yes. In most roles we have a line manager or a supervising engineer that guides and gives you support as you achieve your tasks. In engineering there is a process or reviewing and approving designs after they are prepared to ensure they are safe

    • Photo: Andrew Constantine

      Andrew Constantine answered on 13 Mar 2018:

      My manager is very supportive and helpful. I work in a team with a lot of experience and we help each other.

    • Photo: Clare Causier

      Clare Causier answered on 13 Mar 2018:

      Yes – working in a company we all need to work together – as the others have said we have managers who help us. But there are lots of other people who support me too – I need information from the site teams, guidance from design engineers, a second opinion from my team mates. Thats one of the really good ways that work is different from studying – you’re not expected to have all the answers on your own!

    • Photo: Victoria Herbert

      Victoria Herbert answered on 13 Mar 2018:

      Yes, I speak to my colleagues all the time to share information. My work also has a library which we can borrow from and lots of free online courses. We also have Chief Engineers – they are really good. I seem to be able to ask my Chief Engineer nearly anything and he will always seem to be able to understand what I need and help me get the answer.