• Question: Describe a specific engineering project that you were responsible for that required a lot of interaction with a variety of people over a long period of time.

    Asked by Marvino to Demi, Josh, Rhys, Vix on 15 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Victoria Herbert

      Victoria Herbert answered on 15 Mar 2018:

      I worked on the Electrical design for a New Water Treatment Works near Edinburgh for over a year. I had to regularly meet with other members of the design team (civil, mechanical, process and control engineers). I had to speak with BT and Scottish Power to get phones and power connected. I also had to meet lots of people from Scottish Water during the design. We would check that the design so far did what they wanted and I would look into any comments made.

    • Photo: Demi Ademuyewo

      Demi Ademuyewo answered on 16 Mar 2018:

      Good question. I think it will have to be on an oil and gas project l worked on about 2 years ago. I was working as a completions engineer which meant I had to ensure everything on site was completed properly before we handed it over to the customer. I had to walk around with technical drawings around the site marking of the sections that had been completed. I had to work the construction team and explain if some of the designs were wrong then also present back to my line manager why they were wrong. It was a challenging role but I was happy to have done it because o felt responsible for the safety of the oil and gas plant. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt so I made sure it was completed properly.